This movie clip from the play "Once on This Island" features Laura as
Asaka, Goddess of the Earth,
singing "Walk with me, little girl, don't you be afraid....
Mama will provide!"

Story line: TiMune, a willful young Haitian peasant, is in love with the wealthy Daniel, whose life she saved.  Daniel has been brought back to his people. TiMune, afraid but determined, leaves home on her quest to find him. 

Meanwhile, the gods are amused by TiMune's prayers to be with Daniel - the gap between a peasant and a grandhommes is too wide too bridge. Erzulie, the goddess of love, and Papage, the god of death, go around about whether TiMune's love is stronger than death. The gods decide to let TiMune find Daniel, and use her predicament to see which god is more powerful. Asaka, sassy goddess of the earth, comes along to help TiMune and buff up her spirits.

Asaka starts off, "You've never been away from the sea, child,  You're gonna need a helping hand.  A fish has got to learn to swim on land!

"Walk with me, little girl, don't you be afraid.
Follow me little girl, let me be your guide.
A pretty thing like you will need a thing or two,
and whatever you need, Mama will provide.
Down the road little girl, you may lose your way,
all alone in a world that can seem too wide.
But sit on Mama's lap, and I will draw a map, and whatever you need, Mama will provide.

I'll provide you.... Moss! to soften the road
Rocks! to sit on
Trees! to sleep underneath
Sand! fun for your toes
Plantain! to fill up your belly
Breeze! To fan your face
Grass! for making your bed,
Bug will bite little girl, And the night will fall
All alone in the dark You'll be terrified
But you will make it through
'Cause I am liking you!
And whatever you need Mama will Provide!

Oh... Walk with me, little girl And I'll take you far
Round each bend, little friend, I'll be by your side
That's what a Mama's worth: To give her child the earth
And whatever you need
Mama will... Provide!!!

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